Method of Operating AXIMA-QIT as Imaging Instrument

  • Takahiro Hayasaka


AXIMA-QIT (Shimadzu Co.) is a device to be used for MALDI, QIT, and TOF-MS, and it is used for IMS with additional use of an original converter. The technique enables us to visualize the distribution and the relative volume of biomolecules on a tissue slice. Especially, QIT has a function of trapping an ionized biomolecule at high resolution, and the ions fragmented in QIT give us the structural information of the biomolecule. This procedure can be infinitely iterated in theory (MSn analysis). Therefore, AXIMA-QIT can identify biomolecules with a complicated structure as well as visualize the distribution of biomolecules on a tissue slice. In this chapter, the protocol for IMS and identification of biomolecules by MS n analysis with AXIMA-QIT are introduced.


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