Knowledge and Skills Needs for Development of Rural Woman Entrepreneurs: A Case For Program Development

  • Rusinah Joned
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The participation of women in economic production, such as in income generating projects, has been encouraged in the development program in rural Malaysia (Husna 1991). These income generating projects help to improve the women’s status, as well as to increase their income which is necessary to upgrade their family socio-economic status (Bawiah 1990, Foster/Metzen 1985). Besides their own initiatives and motivation to work hard in increasing their income through these income generating projects, supports and help such as training and education from the various development agencies are still needed by these rural women. It was recognized that rural women have the potential which could be developed and enriched and with proper motivation could be generated as resources for development of the family, the community and the nation (Rusinah/Wan Zarina 1996).


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