Final Remarks and Approaches to Continue the Long-Term Trials in Halle


From the originally eight long-term trials in Halle, six still exist today. Five of them are located at the experimental site Julius-Kühn-Field, which was started in 1866 by Julius Kühn and which has belonged to the Plant Nutrition department of the Agricultural Faculty of the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg since 1948. They comprise the following trials: Eternal Rye, started in 1878, and the long-term trials investigating phosphorus, potassium, lime and organic fertilization, which were started by Karl Schmalfuß in 1949. In addition, this booklet also contains information about the discontinued long-term trials on nitrogen fertilization and the physiological reaction of fertilizers. Additionally there is another long-term trial in Halle (Adam-Kuckhoff-Straße 17b) investigating the effect of fertilization on soil development from loess substrate, which is also part of the evaluation presented here. The major important results achieved so far can be summarized as follows:


Soil Organic Matter Humus Content Farmyard Manure Mineral Fertilization Organic Fertilization 
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