The Soil Development Trial started in 1948 (Halle, Adam-Kuckhoff-Straße 17b)


The aim of this experiment is the quantification of yield development, accumulation of soil organic matter and its fractions as well as nutrient transformations in a developing soil from a dry, humus-poor loess site in central Germany, and to analyse the role of agricultural use and in particular of mineral fertilization in detail. Not least this could be important for the estimation of recultivation measures of removed loess cover layers in connection with opencast mining of brown coal. Considering these aspects Schmalfuß started a soil development trial in Halle/Saale in 1948 (Schmalfuß 1960, 1965, 1966). The last evaluations took place in 2000 and 2004 (Beschow et al. 2000, Beschow and Merbach 2004).


Soil Organic Matter Humic Acid Fertilization Rate Spring Barley Opencast Mining 
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