Natural disaster risk management measures


In this chapter an overview of risk management measures against natural disaster impacts is given. While section 4.1 gives an outline of risk financing instruments, section 4.2 introduces classical and new innovative financing instruments available today for the private sector on the household and business level. Afterwards, section 4.3 gives a more detailed introduction into public sector risk and risk management practices on the governmental level.


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  1. 3.
    The perceived risk is higher if a disaster occurred before, but diminishes after some years without a disaster event (Hochrainer 2005).Google Scholar
  2. 4.
    The two Fundamental Theorems of Welfare Economics, stretch back to Pareto (1906) and Barone (1908) and were proved graphically by Abba Lerner (1934) and mathematically by Harold Hotelling (1938), Oskar Lange (1942) and Maurice Allais (1943: p.617–35) (see also Abba Lerner (1944) and Paul Samuelson (1947)Google Scholar

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