Key account management as a management concept is widely known and well established in theory and practice. Most aspects of key account management have already been discussed;1 and key account management research covers a wide spectrum of related issues like the organizational design of key account management [e.g. Shapiro/Moriarty 1984a, 1984b; Barret 1986; Diller 1989; Kempeners/van der Hart 1999; Cannon/Narayandes 2000], its tasks and objectives [e.g. Shapiro/Moriarty 1982; Barret 1986; Kleinaltenkamp/Rieker 1997; McDonald et al. 1997; Cannon/Narayandes 2000], the determination of key accounts [e.g. Stevenson 1980; Plinke 1989a; Pels 1992; Rieker 1995; Napolitano 1997; Boles et al. 1999] as well as performance aspects of key account management [Weitz/Bradford 1999; Homburg et al. 2002].2


Relationship Marketing Business Relationship Market Transaction Transaction Cost Economic Marketing Management 
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