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About 10 years ago, HAMEL/PRAHALAD noted that both management strategy researchers and practitioners “[⋯] have focused much attention on the problem of getting and keeping market share [⋯], but what is the meaning of market share in markets that barely exist”?207 SANCHEZ agrees when he notes that organizations trying to prepare for the future “[⋯] are finding that many traditional management concepts that have helped to achieve organizational success in stable environments do not effectively prepare organizations for an increasingly dynamic and uncertain future”.208 In MINTZBERG/QUINN’S book on the strategy process209, for instance, there is a whole chapter dedicated to “Managing Change”. Yet none of the contributions in this chapter address the question how to prepare for change. Instead, they focus on issues like “Responding to Crisis” or “Designing Turnaround Strategies”. The existing analyses on possible strategies to deal with change are presented in the following section, after a brief discussion of the insights of the “organizational inertia” and “firm mortality” research streams into possible reasons why firms fail to handle change successfully.


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