The main objective of this dissertation was to better integrate external actors into strategy process research. For this reason, we elaborated on the influences of external, regulatory actors on corporate strategy and structure and how these can be managed by the corporation. In order to link this research to existing theory, chapter 2 reviewed the relevant literature, introduced the main concepts of this dissertation (regulatory initiatives, consistency, internal alignments, and externally directed responses), and selected a suitable theoretical perspective (neo-institutional theory). Chapters 3, 4 and 5 then presented the empirical and methodological foundation. Due to the novelty and holistic nature of the research objective, a longitudinal single case study design was selected which allowed for in-depth elaborations on the mutual interdependencies and interactions between internal and external actors. The German energy industry seemed to be particularly suited due to its transitional character and the traditionally significant influence of regulatory actors. In chapter 6 the results relating to the three concrete research questions were presented and propositions were developed.232 Chapter 7 then generalized the findings and applied them to higher level theories. Central theoretical findings of this dissertation included an institutional framework that integrates market and non-market strategies, a boundary model on the co-evolution of corporate strategy and industry, and a discussion of coordination options for market and non-market strategies. Finally, chapter 8 provided a general discussion of the results and highlighted the theoretical and practical implications.


Corporate Governance External Actor Directed Response Supervisory Board Corporate Strategy 
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