The European Union from the Perspective of a Business Investor


After discussing strategic issues and operational arrangement of market entry modes and the marketing mix in the previous chapters, chapter 3 opens the analysis of another major aspect of this thesis: the role of the European Union in the decision processes of business investors. To provide sound information and a common understanding, the chapter is structured as follows: subchapter 3.1 illustrates the foundation of the EU and provides an introduction to its major institutions. The principles of the EU relating to economics and business are explained in subchapter 3.2. Thereafter, subchapter 3.3 presents the Polish transition process and the way to EU membership. In chapter 3.4 the advantages and disadvantages of EU policies for business investors are viewed from an operational point of view, providing a discussion of pragmatic aspects. Finally, 3.5 summarises the major aspects and presents questions to be answered by the empirical research.


European Central Bank European Monetary Union Single Market European Economic Community European Monetary System 
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