Opinions on Capital Market Performance and Its Potential


In March 2005, various experts from a range of fields were invited to participate in a survey on The Capital Market and China’s Development which was conducted at the Department of Banking and Finance of the Philipps-University of Marburg, Germany. This poll had the objective of further enhancing insight into China’s capital market performance and its influential parameters by investigating the appraisal of professionals working in the realms of the financial system and/or broader development-related issues. In conjunction with this, it referred to the current capital market’s contribution to effective development and its potential to do so in five and ten years, including a look at realms influencing the capital market. The objective furthermore included a comparison of the results achieved with the conclusions arrived at in Chapter 4 and Chapter 5, which are based on academic research. While this approach is conducive to a deeper understanding of relevant processes and coherences, it needs to be kept in mind that the survey outcome presents the aggregated opinion of the particular group attending at the specific time of the survey. The questions as such and the results are of value for calling attention to matters of importance and fields of further research interest, but they do not present a universally valid picture of capital market performance in China over time. This said, the following section addresses the details of data acquisition (Chapter 6.1) and presents the results achieved (Chapter 6.2).


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