An Exploratory Comparison of Performance Reward Preferences in China, Germany, Japan and the USA


The previous chapters have discussed the differences in performance reward preferences of German and US employees of the study organization. It was possible to discuss the differences and similarities between the employees in these two-countries as presented in Chapters 4 and 5. In addition to the data collected from Germany and USA data was also collected from the Chinese and Japanese subsidiaries of the study organization. This data was collected during August 2003 using the same questionnaire and the data collection techniques as in the studies performed in Germany and the USA. The translation of the questionnaires was done using the same procedure as the translation of the German questionnaire. The efforts yielded 64 questionnaire responses from China and 65 questionnaires from Japan. The response rates were 91 percent and 92 percent respectively. After the data cleaning process the data set composes of 64 responses from each country. The demographic distribution of the four-country sample, consisting of 640 responses in presented in Table 6-1.


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