Innovation in Network Industries: A General Introduction and Analytical Framework


The following chapter will provide an overview of some of the more pertinent work on the management of innovation in network industries. The intention here is to establish a basic understanding of the industry-specific nature of innovations and their challenges. By addressing the following questions it will also help to identify variables of interests that are related to the building blocks of the analytical framework (see Figure 1): What are the specific characteristics of network industries and how do these relate joint innovation projects? What kind of innovation types can be expected in network industries and what kind of innovational challenges do these types entail? What approaches exist to manage innovational challenges and how can innovative performance be measured? As ALTHEIDE (1996: 26) put it: “We want to ask the rights questions’that is, those that are conceptually cogent”. This chapter helps to find the ‘right’ questions and thus provides guidance through the process of data collection (see EISENHARDT 1989: 536; YIN 2003a: 3).


Business Model System Architecture Innovation Management Design Rule Innovative Performance 
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