In the past years, a phenomenon which is addressed alternatively as civic engagement, civic work, voluntary work or simply volunteering has increasingly attracted the interest of social scientists and policy makers alike. It describes such different activities as the organisation and running of meetings, interest representation in groups such as parochial church councils or trade unions, but also counselling or caring activities. Volunteers work in sports clubs, in the area of health, culture and leisure, in schools and kindergartens, churches and — less often — in political parties or trade unions.


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    However, the recognition of the historical nature of the construction of actors and spaces and of the historicity of the processes involved does not mean that history is the ultimate explanatory principle of societal analysis; in fact, priority is given to the endogenisation of the explanation (Maurice 2000: 22).Google Scholar
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    This critique only applies to the original VoC approach. An extension of the “sex-blind” VoC approach has been suggested for example by Estévez-Abe (2005). I shall discuss this approach in the following theory chapter.Google Scholar

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