Theoretical Framework and Hypotheses


In Chapter 4 the theoretical framework of this thesis is derived. The framework should facilitate the analysis of the interdependencie s between a firm’s strategy type and interorganizational structures in relation to company performance, as well as the influence of the institutional context in Russia. Referring to the introductory Chapter 1.2, the main research questions are:
  1. (1)

    Which strategy-structure configurations promise the highest success probability?

  2. (2)

    How should firms strategically position themselves in the Russian market? How do they best connect themselves to their business network partners?

  3. (3)
    What influence does the perceived institutional context have on these configurations in Russia? Which dimensions of the perceived institutional context are most influential and critical?
    1. a.

      What is the influence of the perceived institutional context on strategy type in Russia?

    2. b.

      What is the influence of the perce ived institutional context on interorganizational structures in Russia?



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