Mobile Notification and Decision Support for Private Investors


Online brokers and banks have invested heavily into IT infrastructure in recent years involving a fundamental shift in sales channels towards online services (Beck et al. 2003; Minz et al. 2004; Meyer 2006). In parallel, previous research has shown that customers demand for better electronic banking services in terms of lower transaction costs (Polatoglu and Ekin 2001; Karjaluoto 2002; Howcroft et al. 2002), time and location independent service access (Polatoglu and Ekin 2001; Howcroft et al. 2002), high level of usability (Karjaluoto 2002; Pikkarainen et al. 2004), enhanced usefulness (Beckett et al. 2000; Howcroft et al. 2002; Wang et al. 2003) and increased transaction speed (Karjaluoto 2002).


Decision Support System Forecast Model Private Investor Price Effect Price Reaction 
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