“Industry outlook and the Main Players” for health insurance in India discusses key consumer insights, the health insurance industry in contextual background with the health expenditure in the country, number of uninsured, health insurance premium and policies development over a time line; also exemplifying the main issues and challenges for health insurance in India. The next sub-chapter discusses empirical data via responses and views of insurance executives and knowledge leaders on the outlook of insurance over the next 5 years. The “Urgent Needs and Customer Segmentation” reveals the results of a survey with respect to key consumer insights, and projects these findings onto the S-O-R model. The chapter highlights regional differences in perspectives, needs and attitudes across selected nations in Asia with respect to health insurance. Furthermore, through best practices, it explicates customer segmentation at a micro level. The chapter on “Product” discusses health insurance product design facets, product development history of the “mediclaim” policy and the concept of managed health care which is gaining momentum in the global health insurance development. The chapter suggests a product range to suit various customer segments and the best practices in product offerings are elaborated upon. “Pricing” discusses the key pricing criteria and the increased importance of accurate pricing in health insurance, supplemented by accounts of policy discussions reflecting the pricing criteria, the premiums charged and the sums insured. “Distribution Channels” primarily discusses the role & contribution of and effectiveness-enhancing measures for TPAs and role of brokers. Finally, “Communication Strategy” concludes with a TV ad-analysis.


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