Analysis of the integrated capacity and price control: FESCPC


The remaining task in this work is to apply the SCPC. Based on the specific application constraints of SCPC in the context of the transport industry, the general solution concept has to be conducted based on a real application case, followed by the analysis of the solution performance in the context of the distribution of goods.


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  1. 112.
    A tour is defined by the specification of the number of unloading points, the depots, as well as the distances (often given by a distance matrix) between the depot(s) (or the edges) and the unloading points, and between the unloading points themselves. A route is the order in which the unloading points are approached [Domschke 1997, p. 206].Google Scholar
  2. 116.
    Domschke [1997, p. 245], for example, recommends a 2-opt or 3-opt algorithm for the Savings method.Google Scholar

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