Analysis of Visualisations

  • Hans-Georg Fill

Based on the survey of existing visualisation approaches in business, computer science, and business informatics the underlying principles of these visualisations shall now be investigated. The purpose of this chapter is therefore to reveal how the presented visualisations are actually created, which concepts form the basis and which theories and technologies are available that can lead to successful IT based implementations. To achieve this goal two paths for an analysis can be chosen: The first path is based on the author’s subjective experiences when exploring the various forms of visualisations that have been included in this work. Due to the many different types of visualisations and the range of tools that have been used for their creation it is estimated that a well founded practical insight is possible. However, there exist also theoretical and technical approaches for the creation of visualisations that might underlie particular approaches. It is thus obvious to revert to these existing and scientifically established approaches in a second path of analysis. The combination of the subjective path and the insights gained by the examination of the available scientific theories will then form the basis for identitifying potential extensions to the existing approaches for visual representations and their creation. The chapter is thus structures as follows: At first the subjective experience of the author in regard to the creation of the visualisation used in this work will be outlined, then the scientific concepts that are available for the definition of visualisation are discussed and finally a derivation of possible extensions to the current ways of visualisations and their creation process will be given.


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