Retailing is one of the world’s largest industries. It is in a permanent state of change, and the pace of this change has been accelerating over the last decade. From the marketing perspective, retailers are, by definition, closer to the consumer than manufacturing companies (Reynolds 2004b, p. 3). Retailers represent the culmination of the marketing process and the contact point between consumers and manufactured products. While retailing has long set buying decisions as its highest priority and was very focussed on the product assortment, it now follows a more holistic approach to management and marketing and is seizing the opportunity to be consumer oriented, engage in the personal contact with customers, gather information on consumer behaviour and exploit insights into consumer behaviour and preferences. What was once a simple way of doing business is transforming into a highly sophisticated form of management and marketing. Retail marketing consistently features more efficient, more meaningful and more profitable marketing practices (Mulhern 1997, p. 103).


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