Vertical Boundary Dynamics under Foreign Competition Pressure

  • Florian Gröne


The following chapter is based on, and follows Hutzschenreuter and Gröne, 2009b. While the previous chapter provides important additions to the literature on product- and geographic boundary dynamics, it does not yet present an integrate perspective across all firm scope dimensions, which also include firms' vertical boundaries (Chandler, 1962; Andrews, 1971/1987; Porter, 1985). We have observed that vertical scope research has developed along a stream of literature that is somewhat disconnected from product- and geographic scope research. The main emphasis of extant vertical scope work is on micro-level analyses of various theoretical constructs such as transaction frequency, uncertainty, asset specificity, or small numbers-type settings that have been advanced by transaction cost economics (e.g., Lafontaine and Slade, 2007; Carter and Hodgson, 2006; Geyskens, Steenkamp and Kumar, 2006; David and Han, 2004). Perspectives on more palpable competition-related concepts remain rare. Also, while firm-level product- and geographic scope dimensions have been assessed in the light of various specific types of foreign competition (e.g., Wiersema and Bowen, 2008; Liu, 2006; Meyer, 2006; Bowen and Wiersema, 2005), vertical boundaries have been looked at mostly at the industry level, and, if at all, with a rather broad, unspecific representation of globalization-related forces (e.g., Toulan, 2002 or McLaren, 2000).


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