Theoretical Framework

  • Florian Resatsch


Goal of this chapter is to describe the theoretical background that is necessary for an understanding of the characteristics of ubiquitous computing (Ubicomp) technology. The subgoals of this chapter are to
  • define Ubicomp and Ubicomp applications in a working definition (in Chapter 2.1),

  • describe available Ubicomp technologies and attributes of the underlying technology (in Chapter 2.1),

  • define building blocks of an Ubicomp infrastructure and narrow these blocks down for an initial model (in Chapter 2.1),

  • and to research what the user knows about the Ubicomp technologies to look at the current state of everyday use of technologies such as RFID (in Chapter 2.2).

  • Finally a conclusion is drawn (in Chapter 2.3)


Ubiquitous Computing Near Field Communication Subscriber Identity Module Card Ubiquitous Computing Technology Subscriber Identity Module 
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