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We are in the midst of change of societal values with respect to the natural environment, technology, and global distribution of resources (Picot, Reichwald & Wigand, 2003: 4, 2008: 5). More and more people think about the “quality of life for all people” (Wood, 1991b: 385) rather than narrow economic benefits. These changes, systemicin nature, begin to emerge in various groups of society (e.g., IBLF & SustainAbility, 2001: 11). Just to give some examples: Ethical consumers increasingly consider social and environmental criteria in their buying decisions; a growing share of private and institutional investors make investment decisions based on social screening services; talents and employees, more than ever, demand “purpose” in their jobs, which is often related to just, fair, and meaningful organisational practices; and governments around the world are implementing stricter environmental and social policies.


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