Methodological Issues in Comparative Welfare Capitalism Research

  • Ingmar J. Schustereder


According to Hall (2003), one of the major problems in the field of comparative social sciences is the growing discrepancy between methodologies and ontologies: In his eyes, comparative research has recently turned to standard multivariate regression models (MR) as the predominant mode of statistical analysis (p. 374). At the same time, ontologies have shifted “toward theories, such as those based on path dependence or strategic interaction, whose conceptions of the causal structures underlying outcomes are at odds with the assumptions required for standard regression techniques and conventional comparative method to provide valid causal inferences (cf. Bates, Greif, Levi, Rosenthal, and Weingast 1998; Pierson 2000a)” (p. 375). Thus, given the causal complexity of prevailing theories, he contends that “the ontologies of comparative politics have substantially outrun its methodologies” (Hall, 2003, p. 375).


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