Conceptualization of market-driving behavior in emerging firms

  • Jesko-Philipp Neuenburg


Transferring the concept of market-driving behavior to a new venture context is an interesting task given that there is no such research available to date. The starting point for this effort is the current understanding of market-driving behavior in established companies as has been described in Chapter 2.3. In the following section some connections between market-driving behavior and emerging firms that can be found in the extant literature will be briefly reviewed. After that the key dimensions of marketdriving behavior in emerging firms will be introduced and their hypothesized impact elaborated. The performance implications of market-driving behavior in emerging firms will be discussed in Chapter 3.3. The influence of a number of environmental contingency variables upon the market-driving behavior – performance relationship will be debated in Chapter 3.4 and hypotheses for the advantageousness of marketdriving vs. market-driven strategies in different environmental settings will be formulated. Finally (in Chapter 3.5) the structural model will be introduced which – in analogy to theory development in the area of market-driven behavior – will show a comprehensive picture of market-driving behavior including its elements and consequences.


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