Research Model and Propositions – Deriving Typology Dimensions from Organizational Theories

  • Matthias Daub


We have shown how typologies can be used to distinguish types of international subsidiaries and which set of coordination mechanisms is relevant for our research. This chapter develops a) dimensions to characterize service offshoring subsidiaries and – based on these dimensions – b) propositions on the application of coordination mechanisms in these centers. For our first dimension, we take the resource-based view to differentiate service offshoring centers with different strategic relevance. Our second dimension results from an evaluation of network approaches. We use network embeddedness as a concept to distinguish between centers with different degrees of relatedness to their network. For both dimensions, we provide an operationalization that not only helps characterize service offshoring centers in our research but also furthers the methods available to researchers in the traditions of the resource-based view and network approaches.


International Business Research Model Network Approach Coordination Mechanism Sustainable Competitive Advantage 
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