Establishing the need for a standardised rating system for cruise ships

  • Janette McCutcheon


This research analyses why a standardised rating system is important for cruise ships and its importance to stakeholders including consumers, cruise lines and cruise industry professionals such as travel agents, travel media and trade organisations. The aim of the research is to examine whether consumers consider these guides useful in choosing their cruise and ship. The key objective is to examine the usefulness of these guides from a consumer and cruise operator viewpoint and whether the guides inform customers and influence their purchase patterns. The second objective is to identify the components and facilities that form the basis of the cruise experience. A list of preferred passenger facilities and amenities will be drawn up and a basic standard framework will be produced. The methodology will initially be based on existing literature, examining the current issues and trends within the cruise industry at the moment. Additionally, a facilities survey of cruise ships from brochures will provide a basic working knowledge of amenities required. In order to find out consumers preferred facilities when choosing a cruise ship, primary research will be conducted by postal questionnaires. This method will also be employed to establish whether consumers perceive a benefit from an objectively based rating system. An e-mail survey will also be sent to cruise industry professionals, and an additional postal survey will be sent to cruise lines, to gain a cruise industry perspective on rating systems. The conclusion shows that there is a need for an objective cruise ship rating system that measures, rates and more critically classifies cruise ships. This should aid consumer purchase decision-making. This study recommends that further research is done into creating a cruise ship rating system so that consumer compare and identify this system against other systems such as the Quality in Tourism hotel rating system. The cruise ship rating system will be useful to Travel Agents and those promoting the cruise industry such as travel media, in attracting new customers and making existing customers more mobile within the industry.


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