Gender-related Differences in the Founding Intention

  • Christian Willi Scheiner


Whereas in the recent past entrepreneurship education is flourishing (Hisrich, 2006), the global entrepreneurship monitor reports that youth entrepreneurship has not enjoyed similar growth.. For example, in 2006 the percentage of start-ups founded by young people sunk in comparison to 2005. And youth entrepreneurship still remains only a minor part of entrepreneurship research and most of literature on the topic focuses on entrepreneurs after the commencement of their business activities - that is during the start-up or the later phases of corporate development. Potential entrepreneurs and the pre-start-up phase seem to be neglected or, at least, they have not attracted the corresponding attention yet. However, there are several models which deal with a corporate life cycle, but it is quite surprising that most of the models begin with the start-up phase and go on to the early development phase, but very few include the pre-start-up phase as a separate stage of the corporate development


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