Discussion and implications of results


Chapter 7 - the last leg of this thesis - presents the end of my research journey and concludes with a consideration of the research findings from a management (7.1) and theoretical perspective (7.2). In chapter 1, I introduced the objectives of my work, which now serve as benchmarks when reflecting upon research findings from the practical and the theoretical perspective. In the following section, the actual research achievements and the objectives outlined for this work are challenged (7.3). During my research, I made use of a number of assumptions and definitions to focus the work as much as possible in order analyze the addressed problem. Based on these decisions and definitions regarding the research methodology, the framework and the unit of analysis have to be challenged and reflected upon in terms of the generalizability and limitations of the findings. Furthermore, as this work represents the final milestone of my doctoral studies the dissertation pathway is critically reflected (7.4). Since my work focuses on a very specific topic, the research conducted here on the context domains of transfer literature opens the door to follow-up questions, which can serve as the starting point for further research (7.5).


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