Cross-case analysis and theory building


This chapter aggregates the commonalities and differences among the presented disseminative capabilities from the analyzed case studies and refines the working propositions outlined in chapter 4. In the following section, I challenge the ideas underlying the working propositions and investigate their value for explaining the empirical observations (6.1). This leads to the derivation of the concluding hypothesis of this thesis. Furthermore, based on these findings, I present the final definition of disseminative capabilities as it emerges from the data analysis. As the case studies (see Appendix A-5.1–A-5.3) are structured according to the working propositions, this chapter follows the newly designed research model as presented in Figure 6.09 (6.2). The research findings and hypothesis also serve as the basis for further discussions, including the extension of the existing and addressed theory and the derivation of managerial recommendations in chapter 7.


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