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Audi1 is a German-based car manufacturer well-known for luxury sedans and station wagons. The Audi A4 and Audi A6 street versions were already on the productions lines when the idea of adding an off-road version to the product portfolio arose. At the time, the development resources within Audi were limited. Audi had never before produced an off-road vehicle on their own, for which reason they looked for a capable partner to jointly develop and produce the Audi all-road Quattro, a cross-over between luxury driving comfort and off-road adventure. Magna Steyr, an Austrian-based automotive supplier company, appeared to be an appropriate partner to help Audi to overcome shortcomings in their technological knowledge portfolio on 4-wheel drive technology and provide development resources. Audi and Magna Steyr had already worked on joint development and production projects during the 15 years previous to the launch of this collaboration. Additionally, this vehicle concept required the integration of a new gas-filled spring device that none of the partners had been able to develop up to that point. Therefore, the project consortium was extended by another partner 2 company, which provided the missing technological knowledge to realize the new device.


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