New Market Entry: How to Internationalize a Web 2.0 Firm

  • Lukasz Gadowski
  • Michael Petersen


Spreadshirt is the ‘things you wear’ answer to the growing desire for personal branding — letting customers quickly create one of a kind, high-quality, expressive apparel. Two types of customers include:
  • Buyers. Like tattoos, phone skins, and MySpace or Facebook pages, Spreadshirt lets people show ‘who’ they are through shirts, shoes, bags and more, with affordable prices, fast delivery, and no minimum quantity.

  • Sellers. With Spreadshirt’s online shop platform, sellers offer their creations without worrying about managing inventory, accepting credit cards, manufacturing, shipping, or customer service. Shop partners focus on the creative part... Spreadshirt delivers the rest. Shops are free to set-up, and standard shops are free to maintain.


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  • Michael Petersen

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