Strategic Positioning in Biotech: Where Innovation Can Save Lives

  • Eberhard F. Lampeter


VITA34 is the first bank for the storage of umbilical cord blood founded in Europe. With more than 43,000 blood bottles of newborns’ VITA34 is the largest privately owned blood bank in the German speaking region. VITA34 services its storage to parents that intend to biologically insure their child with the storage of their own blood. The company gives life long cryocon versation of umbilical cord blood which can serve as a future resource for stem cell therapies. The service of collection, shipment by courier, processing in sterile rooms, freezing, quality testing, and cryoconservation makes stem cell blood available to a physician whenever necessary. The costs are a fixed fee of 1,990 EUR, as well as an annual payment of 30 EUR per year starting after the first birthday of the child.


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