Family Firms as Research Objects

  • Corinna M. Lindow


This second chapter provides a brief summary of the primary concept of the study: the family firm. It aims to develop a foundational understanding of family firms as research objects. Chapter 2 contains four sections. Section 2.1 discusses the relevancy of family firms. This is followed by section 2.2, which covers the definition of family firms. The section begins with an introduction of the two definitional approaches for defining family firms (section 2.2.1) and continues with a discussion of definitional developments found in the literature (section 2.2.2). Section 2.3 illustrates what makes family firms unique forms of business. Based on systems theory, the origins of family influence will be discussed (section 2.3.1), an explanation of the dimensions of family influence in the firm will be given (section 2.3.2), and a discussion of the consequences of family influence on the firm will be laid out (section 2.3.3). In the final section 2.4, the development and current stance of the family firm research field will be reviewed.


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