Theoretical Foundation and Model Development: The Relationship of CM Determinants, Customer Attitudes and Buying Behavior

  • Denise Steckstor


In the following Chapter, I develop the research model of this thesis and derive the corresponding hypotheses. I commence with a short recapitulation of the role that CM programs need to demonstrate playing in order to impact overall firm performance (Chapter 3.1). As a foundation for the development of the research framework, I explicate the underlying basic theories (Chapter 3.2). In Chapter 3.3 and 3.4, I discuss direct and mediating relationships of CM effectiveness as well as the roles of possible driving factors for a CM effect on behavioral and attitudinal customer response. Based on the relevant literature as well as attribution and elaboration likelihood theory, I derive the research hypotheses, which are summarized in the model of CM relationships. Relevant control variables and are presented as well in Chapter 3.5.


Purchase Intention Brand Equity Attribution Theory Brand Attitude Customer Response 
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