Study 1 – Patterns and Performance Outcomes of Innovation Orientation

  • Nicolas Zacharias


Innovativeness provides an important source of firm competitive advantages and success (e.g., Cho/Pucik 2005; Hult/Hurley/Knight 2004). Therefore, companies invest considerable resources in programs designed to increase their innovativeness (e.g., Iyer/Davenport 2008; Kanter 2006) and researchers identify a broad set of innovation drivers—from strategy, structures, and culture to the management of customer boundaries— that might enhance that innovativeness. Although many of these activities appear promising, companies generally confront a dilemma: Their resource constraints prevent them from investing in all innovation drivers in parallel and force them instead to focus on the most important drivers. But which most promising factors combine most effectively to lead to superior innovativeness?


Financial Performance Boundary Theory Environmental Uncertainty Marketing Manager Product Program 
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