Specifying the research questions and deriving the hypothetical points of emphasis

  • Uwe Sachse


In the previous chapter, the literature review was undertaken with a focus on the three theoretical research levels: internationalisation, mode switching and decision-making behaviour tied to mode switching. Based on the literature review, a conceptual research model on decision making in foreign mode switching was developed (Chapter 2.7.3). This forms the foundation for formulation of the research questions and propositions in this chapter. Points of emphasis are mode switching and performance, factors influencing mode switching, the decision process, timing issues and aspects of mode strategy. First the detailed research questions will be presented. These refer to previous literature on the subject and the aspect of associations between individual factors, typologies and processes in the switch of foreign operation mode. Based on the assumption that internationally active firms present a certain number of efficient behavioural modes after market entry, further assumptions (propositions) will then be formulated for the sub-elements of the study subject. These propositions will then be more concretely defined based on the assessment of the qualitative results in Chapter 6.5 and transferred into research hypotheses.


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