As indicated in the previous chapter this dissertation aims to provide a substantiated understanding of an emerging type of technology-mediated services, remote services and the new subtype of proactive remote services, that is currently an under researched topic in the service marketing literature. Due to the fact that remote services relate to different fields of research, such as operations management, information systems research, IT-adoption, service management and relationship marketing, I combine these different research streams in the following chapter to form a theoretical framework for the analysis of remote services, proactive remote services, customer’s perception and the impact of this technology on the relationship between service providers and their customers. To begin with, service encounter research and related concepts such as employee behavior and customer roles are presented (see Chapter 3.1). A next focus will be on service technology research (see Chapter 3.2) as well as technology-mediated interaction between service providers and customers (see Chapter 3.3). This framework is completed with the discussion of behavioral theories and literature on technology acceptance (see Chapter 3.4).


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