Theory and hypotheses development

  • Wolfgang Gänswein


The Upper Echelon View has been identified as the main theoretical basis, because it is an integration of interpretive and behavioral perspectives on SDM and allows for an inclusion of the research variables of this study. However, the Upper Echelon View in its basic form requires theoretical amendment, because it does not entail the social context within which SDM takes place. This short-coming can be addressed with the help of the Strategic Sensemaking View, which provides a theory of collective cognition and action in organizations. Thus, Upper Echelon and Strategic Sensemaking Views are complementary theoretical perspectives on SDM which both serve for theory and hypotheses development for this study. This integration is valid, because both views build on similar assumptions with respect to individual cognition, diverging interests and power as an organizational force. Last but not least, the Upper Echelon and Strategic Sensemaking Views have only recently been intertwined in SDM research and provided new insights into SDM.


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