Country-Specific Effects of Reputation in Online Auctions – An Introduction

  • Christopher Schlägel


On eBay’s website, the eBay Marketplace is described as an online platform for the sale of goods and services through auctions and fixed-prices, offered by individuals and small businesses on a local, national, and international level (eBay, 2009a). Since its foundation in 1995, eBay consistently pursued an internationalization strategy to gain access to foreign markets and is now directly or indirectly active in 39 countries. In 2008, with more than 84 million active buyers and sellers worldwide and a total value of sold items of $59.3 billion with 46% from operations in the United States (hereafter U.S.) and 54% from international business operations, eBay was the largest international online auction market (eBay, 2009b).


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