Designing a Security Analysis Method for Healthcare Telematics in Germany

  • Ali Sunyaev


The analysis of information systems demands a methodical approach in order to know which steps have to be taken in which order at which time in the analysis process (e.g., (Avison/Fitzgerald 1995; Braun et al. 2005; Iivari/Hirschheim 1996)). While in many cases a method and its included steps as a whole are the objects of research, this chapter in detail examines the fundamental parts and elements of methods as well as their interplay among each other and uses method engineering technique in order to design a security analysis method for healthcare telematics in Germany. The research subject is set in the discipline method engineering (Alderson et al. 1998). In this context the development of a formal description, which provides an overview of the method’s structure and its corresponding building blocks, shall be emphasized. The formalization of methods on the one hand helps explain existing methods and method parts. On the other hand it facilitates the transfer of methods to other application fields. Furthermore, the described methods become more transparent, traceable and understandable for both method users and its engineers (Fitzgerald 1996).


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