Theoretical Framework

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In this chapter I develop the theoretical framework to address the two research questions in this study. In section 3.1, I briefly outline the approach used in the development and refinement of the theoretical framework. Next follows the theoretical framework for research question one in section 3.2. The chapter concludes with the theoretical framework for Research question two in section 3.3. Figure 14 illustrates the research context for the two theoretical frameworks by placing them along the brandvalue chain for a branded component. The brand value chain links suppliers’ brand management actions to their financial performance via both unobservable customer metrics and observable customer metrics. Framework one establishes a causal chain of effects between what OEM’s customers think of a component supplier brand and how the OEM behaves in the relationship with the supplier. Framework two, in contrast, focuses on how marketing actions by the supplier affect what OEMs’ customers think about the supplier brand.


Brand Image Coercive Power Marketing Communication Competitive Intensity Social Network Theory 
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