Revisiting the tourism long-tail Scenario

  • Alexis Papathanassis


Having had an extensive look a number of niches, one may gain the impression that the potential for specialists is endless. Tourism niches are built on persisting social trends such as:
  • Sustainability (e.g. Agro-, Inclusive-, Eco-tourism)

  • Experience-economy (e.g. Space-, Sport- & Extreme-, Military-, Film-, Dive-tourism)

  • Self-development & individuality (e.g. Cultural-, Educational-tourism)

  • Hedonism & voyerarism (e.g. Drug-, Sex-, Dark-, Armchair-tourism)

  • Consumerism (e.g. Shopping-tourism)

  • Conscious living (e.g. Religious-, Wellness-, Health- & Medical-tourism)


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