Analytical Generalization

  • Eva Bilhuber Galli


The objective of this dissertation is to illuminate the insufficiently explored field studying how leadership development practices can form a strategic mean for a corporate management of an MBF to support strategy realization. Having presented the findings of our analysis in the preceding chapter, we interpret them and engage in their theoretical generalization in chapter 5. Empirical support is provided through a crosscase analysis, contrasting findings among middle managers classified into three groups (please see chapter 4 and appendix): middle managers with a high-level, moderatelevel and low-level of cross-business collaboration engagement. As shown in 4.4.2, the engagement level accounts for the correlation between degree of experience and performance and thus forms an important behavioral antecedent for cross-business value creation. The proposed theoretical generalization is supported by examples derived from the conducted interviews and survey results, discussing them in the light of the existing literature. Each section concludes with propositions for further research and theory development.


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