Innovations can be both a blessing and a curse. Firms may be propelled into dominating market positions by innovations, while others may lose the ability to survive in their original markets. Therefore, innovation management is commonly understood as a central system and function of a firm’s ability to keep up with developments in the market. Understanding of successful innovation management has been deepened by a great number of primary empirical studies, but these studies often show conflicting results, making it difficult for managers and researchers to act on them. At the same time, extant meta-analyses have substantial deficits in reaching conclusions about the generalizability of effect sizes for firms: Most analyses focus only on product-level performance, precluding the ability to draw conclusions about the firm as a whole. The objective of this dissertation was to deepen the understanding of the factors that influence the success of innovation management in a firm by performing a meta-analytic review procedure that facilitates reflections on and explanations of the differences among the single studies.

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