The Rise of Hybrid Value Creation

  • Vivek K. Velamuri
Part of the Markt- und Unternehmensentwicklung / Markets and Organisations book series (MAU)


Hybrid value creation, i.e. the process of generating additional value by innovatively combining products (tangible components) and services (intangible components), is gaining popularity as services have become an omnipresent part of firms’ strategic mission and corporate planning (Vandermerwe 2000). This chapter first looks at the arguments in favor of hybrid value creation in detail. Second it identifies the barriers and hurdles that inhibit the success and growth of hybrid value creation. Third, it explains why a systematic review of the field is an important contribution. Finally, the goals of this systematic literature review and the approach used to achieve them are explained.


Systematic Literature Review Life Cycle Cost Customer Loyalty Service Offering Revenue Stream 
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