Self-Interrogation of ‘Typical German’ Corporate Culture: A Russian View on ‘Deutschland AG’

  • Ghenadie Anghel


Chapter 6 shall examine the phenomenon of self-interrogation of German corporate culture on the basis of hypotheses raised in the fifth stratum of the theoretical framework. The goal of this chapter is to analyze the way in which the interaction with a foreign environment questions the quintessence of the traditional system of values and practices of German firms. Given the periphery-center perspective of the dissertation, the first paragraph is designed to unveil the main principles of German corporate culture in line with the empirical evidence collected in German subsidiaries in Russia. The second paragraph aims to determine which of these distinct German principles have been questioned outside the German production regime triggering herewith the process of corporate cultural modernization. If Chapter 3 described the peculiarities of internationalization of German enterprises and the role of corporate culture during this process, Chapter 4 provided a picture of the host-country environment and Chapter 5 found a very German cultural profile of overseas subsidiaries, the present chapter shall determine what lies at the core of German corporate culture and why these principles come under pressure to adjust both internationally and at home.


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