The Corporate Cultural Profile of German Subsidiaries in Russia: We Are So Different, Yet So Alike!

  • Ghenadie Anghel


This chapter aims to ascertain the corporate cultural profile of German subsidiaries in Russia as a means to analyze the phenomenon of corporate cultural self-interrogation and modernization. This part of the research is based on the theoretical assumptions advanced in the fourth level of the theoretical framework, which emphasized the need for a subsidiary model of analysis of current socio-cultural transformations in and around international enterprises. After having examined these issues in the general context of internationalization in Chapter 3, the discussion in Chapter 5 shall be narrowed to the role of soft factors and corporate culture in German subsidiaries in the Russian environment. The objective of this chapter is to test the hypothesis about German enterprises as being ‘typically German’ and providing herewith a periphery-center perspective on the process of self-interrogation and modernization of corporate culture.


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