Internationalization of German Enterprises: Doomed to Internationalization and Dependence on Culture!

  • Ghenadie Anghel


As the dissertation examines the current cultural and social transformations in and around international enterprises in a globalized economy through the corporate cultural profile of German subsidiaries in Russia; the objective of the first paragraph of Chapter 3 is to first discuss the internationalization path of German enterprises. Paragraph 3.1. is based on the assumptions developed in the first stratum of the theoretical framework and aims to provide an overview on the evolution of MNCs from internationalization en route towards globalization from the perspective of German enterprises and the changes and challenges they face during this process. The structure of the current study and the abundance of literature on various aspects of internationalization and globalization of German enterprises provide a mean to focus the examination on those issues relevant to investigate the corporate cultural profile of German foreign subsidiaries and the question of corporate cultural self-interrogation and modernization. In particular, the objective of this paragraph is to discuss what is special and unique about the process of internationalization of German companies.


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