R&D as a determinant of technological progress, economic growth and firms' competitiveness

  • Oliver Som


The purpose of the following chapters is to introduce the theoretical discussion by considering the theoretical and historical origins of R&D as a driver of eco-nomic growth, both from the macro-economic and micro-economic perspec-tive. It will describe the emergence of the linear, R&D-based model of innova-tion, discuss the definitions and measurement of R&D as well as provide a short overview of the empirical state of research taking into account the role of R&D as a driver of nations' and firms' competitive advantage and economic success. Most importantly, this chapter will clarify why mainstream innovation research has been shaped by such a strong R&D focus in the past. By dis-cussing the main explanatory limitations of the R&D concept, it paves the way for further theoretical discussion on the heterogeneity of non-R&D-performing firms' innovation strategies in Chapter three.


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