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  • Christian Köhler


The raising of the abstraction level of models primarily addresses the biggest problem of current SoC and μC modelling. The available performance grows slower than the needs, caused by the rising complexity of such systems, so one can say: “Simulation Can’t Keep Pace with Design Size” [DMMN03]. Another important part is the verification of the correctness of the model. The model is useless if the functional correctness is not verified. Special model test benches are required for models of a high abstraction level because the silicon test benches of the real SoC and μC require a cycle accurate behaviour. This situation leads to the idea of using the real μC as a replacement for a μC model inside of a system simulation. The μC is already verified and the maximum performance is much higher than any simulation model. The overall system performance is primarily limited by the coupling system between the real hardware and the simulation.


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